Movement for life

Kristin FredrickssonI give group classes, hands-on individual sessions and workshops. I work with people to improve their movement skills, alleviate pain and help with chronic and life-destroying conditions.

I also help people develop their performance skills and cultivate creativity – in the arts, sport, business and life.

Feldenkrais Method is suitable for all ages and abilities – from babies and children to the very fit and healthy to older people or those living with a range of conditions.

I help people with chronic pain, RSI, stroke, neurological disorders, migraine, MS, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, ME, scoliosis, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, rehabilitation from injury and pregnancy related mobility issues. Feldenkrais is not a medical practice however, but a mode of somatic education; it complements traditional healthcare.

You can begin to change the way you move in your first lesson – make the impossible possible and pleasurable! You can:

  • improve your flexibility, balance and coordination
  • breathe more easily, feel more relaxed, sleep better
  • feel more alive
  • learn about yourself, your habits and how to move beyond them
  • improve your performance in sports, the martial arts, dance, theatre or music.
  • learn to move like a child again!

The website for Feldenkrais in the UK provides more detailed information on the method: