Awareness in Action

Feldenkrais Play

with Kristin


Feldenkrais Method with Kristin Fredricksson PhD.

* Felden-krais, rhymes with rice! *

‘What is Feldenkrais?…

All you have to know is that it’s magic!’


My emphasis is on play. Because learning is fun – and this is learning, not healing, even when it feels like magic!

Through somatic puzzles and movement play, I help people with physical pain, trauma, mental health issues and climate anxiety towards a more connected sense of ourselves in the world and the world in ourselves.

This is a journey we go on together. I am on it too. It is a journey without a destination, but what a ride!

Want to rediscover your youthfulness?

This might happen too as a bonus! A sense of play freshens things up. It enlivens our bodies, our outlooks, our actions.

Feldenkrais was using neuroplasticity before it was ‘discovered’. It’s an intelligent (and weird and wonderful) way to help us relinquish old habits of thought and action; from holding on, holding in, holding back, holding up… to finding the support we need from our environment, ourselves and our people.

This is a form of deep listening; to self, to the Earth that supports us, to others, human and nonhuman.

Move, play, sense the change…

Are you ready to embrace your aches and pains so they begin to melt and transform? Would you like to experience hidden aspects of yourself that might surprise and delight you?

You are welcome to join our friendly, live online classes where you will experience a different healing meditation in movement each time.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life.

If you prefer, or if you have a complex issue, an individual session might be better to begin with.

The important thing is that you learn, not that I teach you.

Moshe Feldenkrais

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