Movement for life

I work with people to improve their performance and cultivate creativity – whether this is the arts, in sport, in business, or in life.

Kristin Fredricksson

I came to Feldenkrais at 30 after multiple leg injuries, back problems, scoliosis and depression had eaten away at my primal joy. I was also a physical theatre performer looking for an intelligent approach to movement. I wanted to avoid injury and maintain my ability to do what I wanted as I got older. I hadn’t quite anticipated how rich the journey would be. Because Feldenkrais is not just great for refining and understanding movement, although I love how alive and free I feel after a lesson and enjoy walking down the road feeling weightless and bouncy! But Feldenkrais has also given me a more creative and positive approach to life. I have taken rewarding risks where previously I might not have dared.

Feldenkrais Method offers a radical approach to awareness and movement. Group classes and gentle one-on-one sessions enable you to find ease, grace and power in all you do in life. You can:

  • learn to move like a child again!
  • improve your flexibility, balance and coordination
  • breathe more easily, feel more relaxed, sleep better
  • feel more alive
  • learn about yourself, your habits and how to move beyond them
  • improve your performance in sports, the martial arts, dance, theatre or music.

Feldenkrais Method is suitable for all ages and abilities – from babies to the very fit and healthy and older people. It can also help those with chronic pain, RSI, stroke, neurological disorders, migraine, MS, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, ME, scoliosis, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, rehabilitation from injury and pregnancy related mobility issues. It is not a medical practice however, but a mode of somatic education.

You can begin to change the way you move in your first lesson – make the impossible possible and pleasurable! The website for Feldenkrais in the UK provides more detailed information on the method: