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COVID news


All my classes and lessons are going to be online from today and until the situation changes.
Here are the details for my regular weekly class online via Zoom.
If you’re not a real space class attendee, you’re welcome to join. This is powerful work for these strange times. It connects us to our inner resources, strength and breath and promotes flexibility of habits.
Please have a place you can lie down on the floor and be warm.
Payment if you choose (normally my class is pay what you can with a guide of £10/£5 concession) – Paypal
I’ve scheduled it to start at 5.30pm – this will give us a little time to say hello, learn Zoom together, connect and be human! We will only start the actual class at 5.45pm and it will run until 6.45pm as usual, so don’t worry if you can only make it at 5.45pm.
I can also give individual lessons via Zoom – please get in touch via the form below or 07900 340663
Take care,

Kristin Fredricksson

I am Kristin Fredricksson, a Feldenkrais practitioner – Felden-what? you may ask! Don’t worry about the name – here’s what you need to know.

I help people improve their movement skills, alleviate pain and address chronic and life-destroying conditions. I work with actors, dancers, musicians and sports people to improve their performance. But this is only the surface.

This work transforms lives.

When you take care of your need to feel good and to be free from pain, you make a gift to the world; the gift of your better self.

It happens in group classes, hands-on individual sessions and workshops.

Feldenkrais Method is suitable for all ages and abilities – from babies and children (one-on-one) to the very fit and healthy to older people or those living with a range of conditions.

Some of the things I help people with are chronic pain, RSI, stroke, neurological disorders, migraine, MS, fibromyalgia, ME, scoliosis, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, rehabilitation from injury and pregnancy related mobility issues.

Feldenkrais is not a medical practice – it a mode of somatic education; it complements traditional healthcare.

You can begin to change the way you move in your first lesson – make the impossible possible and pleasurable! You can:

  • improve your flexibility, balance and coordination
  • breathe more easily, feel more relaxed, sleep better
  • feel more alive
  • learn about yourself, your habits and how to move beyond them
  • improve your performance in sports, the martial arts, dance, theatre or music.
  • learn to move like a child again!



Available at the Beaney Library, Canterbury:

‘Elusive Obvious: The Convergence of Movement, Neuroplasticity & Health’ and
‘Body Awareness as Healing Therapy: The Case of Nora’
by Moshe Feldenkrais

‘Mindful Spontaneity’ by Ruthy Alon

‘Awareness Heals’ by Steven Shafarman

‘Feldenkrais for Actors’ by Victoria Worsley

‘Moshe Feldenkrais Biography Volume 1’ by Mark Reese


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