Group classes 2018


Classes start again Wednesday 18 April

Summer term baby development series – 0 to 1pan mimi


So it’s sign up time! Do you want to make a real commitment to improving your movement and quality of life?

I am excited about next term’s 12 week baby development series because it is so much FUN! When I first experienced these lessons, many years ago, I felt like I had taken an age-reversal pill. The first class alone gives you facial rejuvenation from the inside. And if more people rolled around on the floor, the world might be a better place; I’m not joking!

What does a ‘baby development’ series mean, you might ask?

Well, we’ll explore a different movement theme in each lesson, inspired by the stages a baby goes through in its development from 0 to 1. Sucking, rolling, reaching, crawling, rolling to sit and stand and so on. So you get the chance to rediscover the state of open curiosity we all experienced as babies. You’ll learn in depth about your movement patterns, where they come from, and how to change them. And about how your central nervous (CNS) functions and how it to regulate it.

This will help free you from movement habits that are restricting you or causing pain. It will turn your learning switch on and open you to fresh revelations and encounters every day. You will become more skilled in the movement you want and need for your life, whether that’s walking, lifting, swimming or rock-climbing! And your CNS will be more regulated, so life is easier and less stressful.

Imagine going about your daily life with a sense of lightness and ease, with clear intentions and the capacity to carry them out. Like a baby!

I cannot emphasise strongly enough how rich and rewarding it will be to complete the whole series. Each week, you can do the Wednesday or Thursday classes as they will follow the same structure. And if you miss a class, it is recorded, so you can catch up at home. The recordings also enable you to revisit the lessons again and again, making new discoveries and finding new riches each time.

In the closed Facebook group, Canterbury Feldenkrais Movement, students are welcome to share their experiences and ask questions between lessons. Reflecting on your practice helps take it into your daily life.

12.45 – 1.45 pm Wednesdays, drop-in only, at Apotheca, 13 West Street Faversham, ME13 7JE (car-parks nearby)

6 – 7 pm Thursdays at Canterbury College Sports Centre, New Dover Road, CT1 3AJ.

Free parking is available at Canterbury College. Mats are provided at both venues.

EARLY BIRD if paid by 9 April
12 week series £94 (just the class) or £109 with recordings of the class.
6 week series £53 (just the class) or £62 with recordings of the class.

Drop-in £10 (just the class) or £12 with a recording of the class.

I accept payment by BACS, cheque or cash in person. Cheques addressed to Kristin Fredricksson may be sent to 12 Puckle Lane, CT1 3JX. Some scholarship places are available for students; please contact me if cost is preventing you from coming.

Bookings via or phone 07900 340663 or use the form below

General Info

In an Awareness Through Movement class, I talk you through a series of movements that work like a physical riddle. By engaging your curiosity you learn to explore your internal sensation anduse this awareness to release habits or chronic patterns of tension, creating new movement possibilities. Every class explores a different sequence of movement in great depth.

Most lessons begin lying on the floor. If you have any difficulty getting to and from the floor, I advise you to book a consultation or individual lessons with me.

Please wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing and bring a mat or blanket to lie on if you wish, although these will be provided. It is fine to eat before the class if you want to.