I’m Kristin Fredricksson, a movement teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner – Felden-what? you may ask! Felden-krais, rhymes with rice. But don’t worry about the name – here’s what you need to know.

I help people improve their movement skills, alleviate pain and address chronic and life-destroying conditions. This is about physical and mental health.

I also work with actors, dancers, musicians and sports people to improve their performance. I trained and continue to work as a performer and theatre-maker, so I have a particular affinity with my performer clients.

I am happy to work with companies and institutions on self-care for employees in the workplace. This can range from posture and strategies for desk-working or presentation and performance skills, to tools for coping with stress, anxiety, mental health issues and nervous system regulation.

This work transforms lives.

It has transformed my life. I was a physical performer with an ongoing back problem and repeated pattern of hamstring injury. In 2003 I began the Feldenkrais professional training and I haven’t looked back. It is such a rich seam of experience. I wrote a PhD thesis on it (2018) and it goes on offering fresh vistas constantly across my professional and personal life.

When you learn to listen to your subtleties, you make a gift to the world; the gift of your better self.

Whether you are young or old, fit or struggling, Feldenkrais Method can work for you.

Some of the things I help people with are chronic pain, RSI, stroke, neurological disorders, migraine, MS, fibromyalgia, ME, scoliosis, stroke recovery, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, rehabilitation from injury, climate anxiety and pregnancy-related mobility issues.

Feldenkrais is not a medical practice – it a mode of somatic education; it complements traditional healthcare and other movement practices.

You can begin to change the way you move in your first lesson – make the impossible possible, easy and pleasurable!

You can:

  • improve your flexibility, balance, posture and coordination
  • breathe more easily, feel more relaxed, sleep better
  • relieve stress, tension, anxiety; regulate your nervous system
  • feel more alive and vibrant
  • learn about yourself, your habits and how to move in and out of them
  • age more intelligently and increase your resilience
  • improve your performance in sports, martial arts, yoga, dance, theatre or music.

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