Group classes 2020

Weekly classes on Zoom

Mondays 10.00-11.15 GMT – Small Movements Feldenkrais

Quiet and restorative; building capacity and resilience. No big movement. Do this class sitting, lying, even in bed if you need to. Scroll down for more info.

Wednesdays 17.45-19.00 GMT – Awareness Through Movement

A general level class involving varying amounts of movement. Usually mat based.

Cost: 1 class a week: £10//£8 concession (student and low income)
2 classes a week: £16/£13 concession.

If you’re a regular attendee, you can make things simpler with a monthly payment of £40/£32 (1 class) or £64/£52 (2 classes).

Contact me via the form below for payment details.

If you’re not a real space class attendee, you’re welcome to join. This is powerful work for these times. It connects us to our inner resources, strength and breath and promotes resilience and flexibility of habits.

Please have a place you can lie down on the floor and be warm for Wednesday’s classes.

MONDAY Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 847 7011 6822

WEDNESDAY Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 841 7176 7673

There is time at the end of class for observations, questions and discussion. This has been very rich over these months in lockdown; I’ve learnt a lot.

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A little more about
This one will be quiet and slow, focussing on creating capacity and resilience. There will be no big movement. The central themes will be breathing and developing a keener sense of self-image. It’s still neuro-adaptive learning through Awareness Through Movement, but more meditative.

“I felt so much better after today’s lesson. It seems to have been healing in several ways. Thank you. A general sense of wellbeing, and movement flowing better. Thanks again for your wonderful instruction.” C, retired teacher with Parkinson’s Disease

As the Covid pandemic continues to disrupt our lives, the ability to self-regulate and restore our sense of self becomes more important. There are many things out of our control, but building our ability to adapt is within range.

This class is suitable for all; I will sometimes propose chair-based lessons and sometimes floor-based, but you can choose to do them anywhere, even in bed! Regulars in my Wednesday class are welcome and this class will complement and deepen your experience.

Email me for a free taster mini-lesson.


Are you ready to experience yourself in a completely new way?

In an Awareness Through Movement class, I talk you through a series of movements that work like a physical riddle. By engaging your curiosity you learn to explore your internal sensation and use this awareness to release habits or chronic patterns of tension, creating new movement possibilities. Every class explores a different sequence of movement in great depth.

Many lessons begin lying on the floor. If you have difficulty getting to and from the floor, I advise you to book a consultation or series of individual lessons with me.

Please wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing. It’s fine to eat before the class if you want to.

Get in touch to book your place: