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In a typical class, you will be led verbally through a series of movement and sensation explorations. You don’t need to watch me on the screen, which means a Zoom class feel more like a regular class than some practices where you need to watch. My classes give plenty of time for individual feedback and discussion and this is an important part of you growth and learning.

Often we start lying down, sometimes sitting or standing. You should wear loose, warm clothing and have as much space around you as possible, but at least enough for a yoga mat or folded blanket to lie on.

The world is pretty chaotic at the moment and it can feel quite overwhelming. How do we live in these times? I was reminded recently of the Taoist saying,

‘There is so much to do.

There is so little time.

We must slow down.’

Perhaps one of the best things to do right now is lie down and fine tune the art of listening to ourselves? The better to listen to how we meet our own and others’ needs.

For an hour or two each week, why not come and join our friendly community for Awareness Through Movement Group Class on Zoom? You will lie down, or sometimes sit or stand, and be guided through movements and how to refine your attention to them. There is time afterwards for sharing experiences, discussion and chat.

There is often a marked increase in your sense of wellbeing; you will find that you move more easily and often you will make surprise discoveries!

There are many things out of our control, but building our ability to adapt is within range. The ability to self-regulate and restore our grounded sense of self becomes more important. Adaptation is the name of the game right now!


This term’s theme…


‘Loving Ourselves’


using Feldenkrais’s groundbreaking Esalen series.


On his first visit to the US in 1972, Feldenkrais taught a series of 46 lessons at Esalen in Big Sur, California, epicenter of the Human Potential Movement.


I’ve been playing with these lessons on my own for 6 months and I’m keen to share them with you.


They include versions of classic lessons not seen elsewhere and a range of powerful lessons he only taught in Esalen. The series is a tour de force and after completing the course participants were certified to teach Awareness Through Movement.


We will follow his sequence which gathers complexity as it progresses. Each lesson can also stand alone however, and drop-ins are welcome, but you will get more out of coming regularly. I will teach each lesson twice a week and you can to come to one or both for the same price if you pay monthly.


This is an opportunity to deep dive into Feldenkrais in a sustained way with a group of fellow somatic voyagers!


I hope 2023 provides us with many opportunities to roll around on the floor finding new ways to love ourselves!



Mondays 18.00 – 19.00 GMT

Fridays 10.00-11.00 GMT


£40 monthly (come either or both classes)

£10 drop-in (1 class)

Contact me via the form below to sign up for live classes.

You will also receive a FREE recorded audio class.

Claire says,

“I felt so much better after today’s lesson. It seems to have been healing in several ways. Thank you. A general sense of wellbeing, and movement flowing better. Thanks again for your wonderful instruction.” Claire, retired teacher with Parkinson’s Disease


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