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I currently give individual lessons online via Zoom, with follow-up ‘homework’ to support your transformation. Hopefully, it will not be long before I can see students again in person. So if you are near me in Canterbury, Kent (or nearby), get in touch to discuss your needs.

In private sessions I work with you to establish your goals and focus on a clear area you would like to address. Every session is different and entirely tailored to your needs. You remain fully clothed (except shoes) and normally lie for some of the time on a low couch. The session lasts about 50 minutes. Please wear loose, warm, comfortable clothing including trousers and socks.

In our first consultation we will discuss the best way for you to progress quickly. If we agree that you would benefit from working with me, I will usually recommend booking a series of transformational lessons in order to consolidate learning and change. Ideally these will be as close together as possible and not more than a week apart.

Dr. Feldenkrais often worked intensively with students, giving a lesson every day over a short period. This can be a satisfying and efficient way to see a big shift and learn a lot!

Give me a call to discuss your needs.

Kristin +447900 340663

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