Lesson feedback

My body needed a holiday from the stresses and strains of years of single parenting and I feel so blessed to have found Kristin’s classes! I find her approach intuitive, intelligent and sensitive and through her expertise I listen to my body and move it in ways it has been crying out for and looking for a way to communicate to me. Her classes are an eye opener and a pleasure for anybody. I feel so free and happy afterwards, if you want to try out anything healing and physical for your body, you have to try this.





Published by Kristin Fredricksson

I am a performance-maker, Feldenkrais practitioner and mother living in Kent. I am finishing a PhD at Royal Holloway University of London on Feldenkrais, self-image and performance, with a focus on movement and puppetry. I graduated from an accredited 4 year Feldenkrais training in Paris in 2008. I originally trained in theatre with Jacques Lecoq in Paris in the 1990s. I lived in Paris for 10 years and have also lived in Portugal and Tokyo, working as a theatre-maker, director, performer, puppeteer, dancer and Feldenkrais practitioner. I have taught drama and Feldenkrais, together and apart, in various universities including Cambridge and Kent. My solo show, Everything Must Go, with Beady Eye Theatre, toured nationally and internationally and won a Total Theatre Award and the Arches Brick. Cooking Ghosts also toured England. I recently began improvising and writing stories.