“I felt so much better after today’s lesson. It seems to have been healing in several ways. Thank you. A general sense of wellbeing, and movement flowing better. Thanks again for your wonderful instruction.” C, retired teacher with Parkinson’s Disease

Kristin! Just wanted to say how great the class was last night. Thank you. It’s really helped my left shoulder which can be a bit cranky. I felt like my movement was mellifluous last night when I left! Had to share it with you, and I’m still feeling it today… super super enjoyed it, so thank you again. It was just total magic for my shoulder. Been telling anyone who’ll listen about it today…” V, Rolfing student

“My body needed a holiday from the stresses and strains of years of single parenting and I feel so blessed to have found Kristin’s classes! I find her approach intuitive, intelligent and sensitive and through her expertise I listen to my body and move it in ways it has been crying out for and looking for a way to communicate to me. Her classes are an eye opener and a pleasure for anybody. I feel so free and happy afterwards, if you want to try out anything healing and physical for your body, you have to try this.” Maria, Photographer and Filmmaker

“My partner and I have been going to Kristin’s classes for several months now. We go to the group classes and have regular one to one sessions. I’ve never failed to come out of a class feeling great. I find the one to one classes particularly helpful. I suffer from arthritis and am in a lot of pain generally. After an hour’s session with Kristin I come out pain free and feeling 20 years younger!! I would highly recommend Feldenkrais to anyone of any age.” John, retired boat-builder

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