Workshops 2021

OUTDOORS workshops Summer/Autumn 2021

Laughter Yoga & Feeling the Bones

Hello friend,

How would you like to walk tall, effortlessly erect, and feel strong and rooted as a tree, supple as a young sapling, growing in beauty and wisdom as you age?!

Not for you? Okay, stop reading now!

I am so excited to offer you a series of workshops out in beautiful Blean Woods, Canterbury, this summer. You can come to one or more, as you wish.

Each one will be a somatic journey in and with the ancient woodland. We will ask the woods to receive and accompany us.

Earlier this year I became a qualified Laughter Yoga Leader and had a strong desire to take this playful practice outside. Laughter Yoga is a form of social yoga using laughter in a group to shift our mood via our biochemistry. It’s also an unusual and hilarious work-out!

The connexion to breath and the diaphragm in Laughter Yoga leads us into the heart of Feldenkrais somatic awareness with lightness and ease. The practices complement each other in wonderful ways.

Feldenkrais is usually practiced inside but bringing it out into the open air gives us fresh perspectives on our awareness of ourselves in movement.

The processes we will explore will draw in part on Bones for Life and Walk for Life from Ruthy Alon. This will be a deep-dive into erect posture, dynamic skeletal alignment and powerful striding.

We will find ways to sense and acknowledge the expanded self and the constant flow between us and the world. The potential delicacy and richness of somatic experience is a form of deep listening; to self, to the Earth that supports us, to others, human and nonhuman.

Each workshop will be 3 hours on a Sunday 10am-1pm. The material offered will follow a similar structure but each workshop will be distinct – you can choose to do one or more.

You’ll need loose warm/cool clothing depending on the weather, a yoga mat or similar that you’re happy to put on the forest floor, water to drink and your own mug. There will be a break with refreshments provided. If the weather is too wet, I will cancel with 24 hours notice and fully refund. If there’s light rain, bring a mac and we’re on!


18 July / 22 August / 19 September / 17 October


£35 one workshop, £65 two workshops, £90 three workshops, £100 four workshops

£60 for two people booking together


Later bookings subject to availability – PLACES LIMITED! 

Suitable for age 16+


RSPB Blean Woods, car park off Rough Common Rd, Canterbury CT2 9DD


To book, please email me

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