Workshops 2020

2019 workshops (watch this space for Spring/Summer 2020):

Rolling 2-5pm 8 December Canterbury

As babies, most of us learn to roll, and if our learning is not interfered with, we will play around with lots of different approaches to get there. As we get older, we roll less. Maybe just out of bed in the morning. Maybe always the same way. But our brain and nervous system thrive on variety. The processes in Feldenkrais lessons mimic the baby’s voyage of discovery and give our systems the stimulating food they crave to shift us out of our fixed habits.

I always think the world would be a better place if humans carried on rolling around on the floor, at least for a few minutes, every day. In this workshop, we will play with luxurious slowness and with perhaps unexpected speed. We’ll find many ways to roll. And when you stand up I think you will feel the difference!

This workshop is suitable for most people, even you have trouble getting down to the floor. (I suggest you also do the Up/Down workshop as it will make this one even easier.)

Manor Barn, Cockering Road, Canterbury, CT1 3UR. Car-park on site.
Mats and refreshments provided.

Cost: £30 each – £27 if booking 2 or more workshops together. Please contact me for a concessionary rate.

Breathing 2-5pm 13 October Faversham

Why do we need a breathing workshop? After all, we all breath, don’t we? Well, yes, but too many of us breath in a shallow way, only using parts of ourselves. Are you a high chest breather? A belly breather? Does your back breath? Do you know?

 Since breathing underpins everything else we do, whether it’s climbing the stairs, running 5k, dancing all night, singing, public speaking, teaching, playing an instrument… improving our awareness of how we do it opens up fresh potential for our activities.

We’ll explore many aspects of breathing – how and where we’re doing it, our rhythm, the stillness and the movement and how it affects our ability to do things.

This workshop will be very gentle and suitable for anyone, even if you cannot get down to lie on the floor.

Up/Down 2-5pm 10 November Canterbury

The ongoing ability to sit and rise from the floor is an indicator of life expectancy. (If you’d like to look at the research, it’s here.) It’s also pretty obvious that it’s a useful skill, even without scientific back-up: If it becomes difficult, it affects our autonomy and quality of life and makes us more helpless. Can you do it gracefully and effortlessly? How many different ways can you do it?

In this workshop we’ll find many different pathways up and down. This simple everyday movement can become a creative exploration that moves beyond just making it easier. We will enter the zone of play and experimentation. How do we make the impossible possible, the difficult easy and the easy creative, fun and expressive? (To paraphrase Moshe Feldenkrais; ’make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant’.)

This workshop is suitable for most people; if you have trouble getting down to the floor, come! It’s likely to get easier! If you think, I don’t need to learn that, come! You may surprise yourself!


Breathing 2-5pm 13 October Faversham
Apotheca, 13 West Street Faversham, ME13 7JE. Car-parks nearby.
Mats and refreshments provided.

Up/Down 2-5pm 10 November Canterbury
Manor Barn, Cockering Road, Canterbury, CT1 3UR. Car-park on site.
Mats and refreshments provided.

Past workshops – please let me know if you’re interested in these topics:

Pelvic Floor Power #2

Explore your pelvic floor and how you can harness its power and support in all you do. The pelvic floor is like an unknown territory; if you venture into its intricacies, you will reap the benefits! This subtle work is wonderful for backs, stress & anxiety, breathing, voice, pregnancy and birth-related incontinence, amongst other things. Suitable for all genders over 16; this workshop is NOT just for women!

Note: This workshop is completely different material from the one held in January; you can do it whether you have done Pelvic Floor 1 or not. In the Autumn/Winter, I will run Pelvic Floor #3 which will open to people who have completed 1, 2 or both.

Eyes, Vision and Movement

Discover the connection between the way you use your eyes and the way you move – maybe you will improve both!
What link is there between how smoothly your eyes can scan the horizon and how easily you can turn around yourself?
In this workshop, we will explore our eye movements in depth and we will use some bigger movement to find out how this is improved.
Our eyes guide our movement; playing with how we use them can have surprising effects not only on our vision, but on our movement and capacity to act and react to the world around us.

Finding your Feet

As summer approaches, let us give our feet some love! This workshop will look in depth at how our feet support us. Feet are the foundation for a lot of our movement and yet often forgotten, especially when shoulder/back/etc ‘problems’ come into play. How can our feet support us better to avoid issues higher up? In this workshop, you will learn lots of practices you can take home with you to give you new feet whenever you want; feet that support you in all your movement. Suitable for all over 16.

Past/future themes

Free your back

Potent Posture

Runners Lab

Headstands / handstands

Rolling for martial arts

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