Upcoming workshops at Apotheca in Faversham:

Pelvic Floor Power #2   Sunday, 7 July, 2-5pm

Explore your pelvic floor and how you can harness its power and support in all you do. The pelvic floor is like an unknown territory; if you venture into its intricacies, you will reap the benefits! This subtle work is wonderful for backs, stress & anxiety, breathing, voice, pregnancy and birth-related incontinence, amongst other things. Suitable for all genders over 16; this workshop is NOT just for women!

Note: This workshop is completely different material from the one held in January; you can do it whether you have done Pelvic Floor 1 or not. In the Autumn/Winter, I will run Pelvic Floor #3 which will open to people who have completed 1, 2 or both.

All workshops are held at Apotheca, 13 West Street Faversham, ME13 7JE. There are car-parks nearby. Mats and refreshments provided.

£33 each – £30 if booking 2 or more workshops together.


Eyes, Vision and Movement  Sunday, 5 May, 2-5pm

Discover the connection between the way you use your eyes and the way you move – maybe you will improve both!
What link is there between how smoothly your eyes can scan the horizon and how easily you can turn around yourself?
In this workshop, we will explore our eye movements in depth and we will use some bigger movement to find out how this is improved.
Our eyes guide our movement; playing with how we use them can have surprising effects not only on our vision, but on our movement and capacity to act and react to the world around us.
Suitable for all over 16.

Finding your Feet   Sunday, 9 June, 2-5pm

As summer approaches, let us give our feet some love! This workshop will look in depth at how our feet support us. Feet are the foundation for a lot of our movement and yet often forgotten, especially when shoulder/back/etc ‘problems’ come into play. How can our feet support us better to avoid issues higher up? In this workshop, you will learn lots of practices you can take home with you to give you new feet whenever you want; feet that support you in all your movement. Suitable for all over 16.



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